“Feeling Good”

I have been waiting to write a new post when I had something positive to say since Irma. “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…” It took me this long to realize that I was the only thing holding myself back from writing. I kept telling myself I didn’t want to write a depressing... Continue Reading →


“Brace for Impact”

I'm about to watch my home possibly be destroyed. I'm in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'm glued to the weather channel. Thank you to everyone who has reached out or offered their home. It means so much to me and I feel so lucky to have good people in my life. The last few days... Continue Reading →

“Home Again”

One day I will be home again... Nick and I left Key West yesterday afternoon to head to Tampa. I knew about Irma a little over a week ago because Nick and I were going camping on Monday. We had been keeping an eye on Irma's path and we knew it wasn't going to affect... Continue Reading →


I had no idea how fragile I was until last week. I have been pushing through and through with so many new things around me, that I may have missed something. My body had been trying to tell myself to slow down for quite some time. I've been bouncing around and moving so fast that... Continue Reading →

“I want some more”

It's been one month since I moved here. It's been a very rewarding month. I have met a lot of potential clients, and I delivered my first finished video last week. It was the first time in years that I felt successful and creative. The last few years, I haven't really had the creative freedom... Continue Reading →

“The Motion”

I started a routine today. Last week was a long week that left me not being able to distinguish Monday from Friday. I woke up much later than I anticipated every day, and I felt that my "to do" list became longer and my daily accomplishments became shorter. Every day I have tried to leave... Continue Reading →

“Rock the Boat”

I left the island this weekend. Saturday morning I didn't have too much going on and Brian and my friend, Sunshine, invited me out on their friend's boat. At first I was hesitant to go. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with just moving and having not unpacked much. Brian broke it down for me... Continue Reading →

“Florida Key”

I woke up in Key West this morning.  I thought I woke up to the smell of pancakes too... but I'm not 100% sure.  I arrived yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was the worst travel day by far. I just wanted to get to the final destination and so did the cats. We had had enough of... Continue Reading →

“Below My Feet”

It still hasn't hit me yet and I don't quite know when it will. It feels like I've been constantly doing something up until today. A few people have asked me different questions about transporting down there. "Where are your cats?" With me, and in case you didn't know I have 2 that are from the... Continue Reading →

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