“Below My Feet”

It still hasn’t hit me yet and I don’t quite know when it will. It feels like I’ve been constantly doing something up until today.

A few people have asked me different questions about transporting down there.

“Where are your cats?”
With me, and in case you didn’t know I have 2 that are from the same litter and 11 years old. We don’t really drive in the car often, unless I’m taking them to the vet or if I’m taking them to my parents’. So this is a new experience for all three of us… and well it’s been an experience.

“Where are you stopping?”
I settled near Wilmington, North Carolina, yesterday afternoon. I’ll stay here with my cousin and his wife until tomorrow morning and then I will head to Cocoa Beach, Florida. I haven’t quite decided what I will do when I get there but I’m open to any suggestions. After that, I head on down to the final destination.

“What apps are you using?”
For GPS, I’ve been using Waze which has helped with speed limits, speed cameras, and traffic. To find the best gas prices and finding the next gas station, I’ve used Gas Buddy. It’s really helped me plan out ahead of time when I should stop for gas and where I can save some money. And now I have been introduced to TV Food Maps, which will suffice the foodie in me. I plan on writing a lot more about food in the near future.

“What did you pack?”
Too much. Clothes, toiletries, my bike, my ukulele, and photography stuff. Instead of getting a U-Haul, my parents will ship some other things to me, that I don’t need but would like (mostly art stuff).  The rest of my stuff was sold, donated or put in my storage unit.

“Where will you be living?”
I will be living in a 4 bedroom house in Midtown, Key West. I will be living with 3 other people, Gwen, Shaye, and Nick, and also with 3 other furmates, Charlie, Lilly and Auto.

“Where will you be working?”
I started my own business doing graphic, web, and video design as well as some marketing. I plan on doing that full time, and finding some part time work soon.

“What about your health?”
I’m paying for my own health insurance, and everything is in a good place right now. Worst case, there is a hospital not too far away. But I will do my best to take care of myself and take advantage of this healthy time.

“Why Key West?”
Have you been?

I am trying to practice mindfulness as I go down. I want to enjoy my time as I go with no major rush. The drive is just under 1,300 miles and in full it would take 19 hours to get there. I’m breaking it up and trying to slow myself down. I have felt a little overwhelmed the past couple weeks trying to do a lot of different things at once, but I felt like I did them the right way and I wouldn’t change it.

Hopefully the next post will have some more exciting news, but for now this is just an update. I’ll keep you posted (Ha!), at the latest when I arrive. For now, I’m just sitting in my cousin’s kitchen talking about life and watching the rain. He asked me to post that we are going all out and going to shoot guns “and shit”. I don’t really know about shooting poop, but I guess that’s how they do it in North Carolina!


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