“Florida Key”

I woke up in Key West this morning. 

I thought I woke up to the smell of pancakes too… but I’m not 100% sure. 

I arrived yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was the worst travel day by far. I just wanted to get to the final destination and so did the cats. We had had enough of the car. But by the time we hit the Overseas Highway, we slowed down and enjoyed the ride.

The Keys are all about the slow life. You go from speeds of 65-70 mph to 45-55 mph once you enter the keys. They want you to slow down and enjoy life. The views for a two and half hour drive are views that make you think. It’s the bluest waters with a touch of green that stretch on forever. I couldn’t get enough of it and I was getting more excited the closer I got. It didn’t feel real, even though I’ve done that drive several times before.

I’d recommend the drive over flying, unless you have a fear of bridges. But if you don’t like flying, bridges and you get sea sick, then I’ll send you a postcard and you can keep reading my blog.

When I arrived, Gwen greeted me outside and showed me around my new home. I absolutely love it! I have always wanted to live in a home with a white picket fence! I lucked out in every kind of way and this home is perfect. The pops of color on the outside and the homey feeling inside. It makes me so happy. 

I’ll post pics of the inside after I’m more settled in and organized.

Gwen and I went to get some food at Flaming Buoy last night and it was the perfect first meal in Key West! They do trio appetizer samplers and trio entree samplers. I had one of each and my favorite was the Lobster Mac and Cheese for an appetizer and the Mahi Mahi for an entree. I’ll be sure to be back!

This morning I drove around for a while just checking out the island and getting lost while sporting my Natty Boh shirt. Sadly no one knew what Natty Boh was and some people asked about my shirt. Guess I better start wearing it more… 

I made a stop and went to the visitors’ center and got maps and pamphlets and I’ll look them over the next few days to learn a few touristy things. See some pics below from my cruise around the island!

I went to two different grocery stores today, Winn-Dixie and Publix. Both have giant scales to weigh yourself… which I’m not sure how I feel about yet. Should you weigh more or less when you leave? I think of enough numbers when I go grocery shopping. Calories, prices, discounts, quantities, weights of produce, aisle numbers, and number of items. I don’t need to add another damn number to the mix!

Right now I’m at my friend Brian’s for a monthly Chicktatoes™ party (a creation of Brian and Derik). What is a Chicktato? “It’s a delicious new snack food that is creeping it’s way across America,” according to Brian who owns 49% of the trademark. I can’t really get into the secret recipe, but you can take a guess. Meeting a few new people tonight and I’m a little nervous but I’ve gotta start making friends. We are talking while eating some of Sarah’s deviled eggs and seven layer dip while we wait for the Chicktatoes to finish cooking.

That’s about all for now. Next post will be about settling in! Stay tuned!


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