“The Motion”

I started a routine today.

Last week was a long week that left me not being able to distinguish Monday from Friday. I woke up much later than I anticipated every day, and I felt that my “to do” list became longer and my daily accomplishments became shorter.

Every day I have tried to leave the house and get some kind of exercise or explore my new home. I have tried to adjust every day to something new and settle in. My room is finally set up (see pictures below) but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten on being settled in.  Part of coming here is to establish myself and be the best I can be. I want to make the most of this time and put my energy into the right things.

I was reading an article I saw on the Florida Keys News site, The Key Noter, about Next Hot Yoga. It’s a new Bikram yoga business to the island, and the owner, Michelle, is a new member of Key West, like me. She coincidentally started following me on Instagram and I reached out after seeing the article. Right now, classes start at 8:30 and last for 90 minutes, which is a good reason for me to get up earlier.

You may ask, “Why would you do hot yoga in a hot state?”

Let’s first talk about the Florida heat here in Key West. The temperature down here actually is slightly cooler than the mainland of Florida, and it’s also cooler than some of the current scorching temperatures in Maryland. Most of the time the high is 87 and the low is 81 accompanied with a breeze. The heat here isn’t as bad as you would think it would be.

Bikram has many health benefits. It raises your heart rate and also boosts your metabolism. The heat also causes your blood vessels to dilate to give more blood flow close to the skin surface and helps with circulation. One of my health issues from having EDS, is poor circulation, and this in return helps. It also helps with toning my body and strengthening my spine, which is what my body needs to minimize pain. For me, this is a great solution.

The problem? I haven’t been to a hot yoga class in 5 years and I haven’t been routinely exercising in about 5 months.

This morning was rough and it kicked my ass! I struggled a lot and I felt like I couldn’t finish. There were parts where I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to give up. Michelle helped push me through and kept me motivated but she did admit that I had a look on my face that said, “What have I done?” She told me tomorrow will be easier, and I know she’s right. Hard work will pay off and I can’t just give up.

After hot yoga, I felt a surge of energy! You’d think that I would want a cool shower right away (which I definitely did) but instead I had energy to do a few more things that would make me sweat anyways.

I rode my bike back home and did some yard work outside. I’ve been trying to take care of the home I live in to give myself a sense of pride as well. I took about 30 minutes to spruce up outside, came in, showered and then started to get to work on my business. I spent about 30 minutes working on my website outside on the front porch when 4 baby chickens wandered into the yard. I spent another 30 minutes herding them out the gate to their parents across the street. Realizing how easily I was distracted, I got my computer and a few books together and went to the library. I spent the rest of the day there and biked back home, taking in the sights of Key West.

This will be the base of my routine during the week. I need to keep myself busy and leave the house. I have to be self disciplined and this is a major challenge for me! I think one of the best ways to adjust will be to establish a routine and to be self disciplined with my work. This will keep me busy and the more I get out of the house, the more people I will meet.

I’ve slowly started to feel like I’m settling in, but it will still take some time. Being new is a challenge, but it’s just another obstacle to overcome. I’ve been trying to take as much from each day to learn more about myself and other people as I can. Right now, the only person holding me back is me. I like doing things the hard way, and this is what I wanted. I wanted to start from scratch and take everything I knew away from myself and find out who I really am. Having a routine is just the start. When there’s a will there’s a way! Stay tuned!


I snuck into the Hyatt last night near Simonton beach just to use the hammock as the sun went down.

A crab my roommate, Nick and I found on our Sunday funday adventure to Fort Lauderdale and back.
The living room of my new home

Living room and dining room

My furnished bedroom (my makeshift night stand with an american flag towel)

My room decorated with my stuff from home

I have two closets

Our bathroom

And the kitchen


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