“I want some more”

It’s been one month since I moved here.

It’s been a very rewarding month. I have met a lot of potential clients, and I delivered my first finished video last week. It was the first time in years that I felt successful and creative. The last few years, I haven’t really had the creative freedom I was craving. I live for the moments where a surge of ideas go through my head and I can produce them for others to see. But I absolutely love when my work makes other people happy!

When I got out of college, I worked for an engineering company in the marketing department. I loved the work, and I especially enjoyed working for my boss’ boss’ boss (you read that correctly). He and I worked together on a couple projects, and sometimes he would say, “I have something that I want you to file away in your head and just think about.” He would have some type of challenge and need a creative solution for it. He would give me the time and the space to come up with a few ideas and present them and he supported them all. It was incredibly motivating and rewarding. He gave me these opportunties to let me be Judy. One particular project, I poured hours upon hours into and had very little sleep, but it was all worth it in the end. I had never felt so proud to work for someone and have such pride in myself. When I left the company, I had the hopes that I would have opportunities like that. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and I lost my pride in myself and my work. I wasn’t excited to do design anymore and it was just paying the bills. When I left my job and Maryland in June, it was to try to find that desire again. And for the first time in what feels like forever, I’ve found it!

I also got a part time job being an eco tour guide for a paddle boarding company. I used to have a kayak that I loved to take out on the water, and I ended up selling it just before I moved. I was pretty bummed to sell it, but had the goal of one day buying a new one or maybe even a paddle board. This job is like a two for one deal! Not only do I get to be on the water, but I get to talk and learn about wildlife. My first week I saw FIVE manatees! I’ll be working Sundays at SUP Key West and taking people out into the mangrove forest, so from here on out you may see more pictures that look like I’m in the jungle.

Overall, the last month has been a lot of work, but a lot of rewards. I’ve made some great friends recently and I’ve been lucky to have met each of them. They all remind me in different ways of myself, and they help me see more of what I want in my future. They’ve also been supportive of me trying new things, like being a tour guide or even comedy. I had the opportunity yesterday to go on the radio and I had a blast! I met Gwen Filosa earlier this week and she invited my friend Michelle and I to come on her show at 106.9. We had a great time, and Gwen was an awesome host!

Sometimes it all seems surreal. I was out with Nick a few nights ago and we were walking around and saw a double rainbow. We both smiled and said, “WE LIVE HERE!” I saw my first sunset at Mallory Square that evening. Afterwards, we headed to the other side where the beach is, and on the way we walked past Hemingway’s house (a first for both of us), and the 0 mile marker. I asked Nick to take my picture next to the 0 mile marker and I put my middle finger up, but not because I was saying that to Key West. This particular mile marker sign is in the direction of going back north. It was my way of saying that I’m doing better than I thought and I’m not giving up. That the temptation to come home and go back to a steady life is there, but I’m not giving in!

Double rainbow Nick and I saw.Dinner with some of the roommates

In the harbor

Juvenile Cuban Ashy Gecko on the front porch


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  1. This is a great opportunity for you, Judy!! New doors seemed to be opening every day!! You go girl!!. Love and HUGS, Miss Debbie


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